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Bob Leibrecht

Who We Are 
    Welcome to our TIG! 


    Let me start off by way of introduction. My name is Bob Leibrecht and I am chairman of the Reservoir Characterization TIG. I am a reservoir engineer with Conoco where I have been employed for 20 years. I have a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Arizona which I received in 1975. Currently, I am located in Midland, Texas working in Conoco’s Mid-Continent Region office, involved in mature field reservoir studies in the New Mexico Central Basin Platform. Besides the USA, I have worked for Conoco in Dubai, London, Aberdeen, the Timan Pechora area of Russia and most recently in Caracas, Venezuela. 

    In September 1997 we kicked off the Reservoir Characterization (RC) TIG with about 150 members signed up. The membership has now grown to over 500 and I am quite encouraged by the level of interest in this broad topic technical interest group. Members have been slow to start accessing the discussion software and posting ideas/comments, however, this will hopefully increase as ease of access improves and benefits are seen. A RC TIG committee has been established bringing together creative ideas so that we can stimulate interest and help put things in motion. 


    I am very excited about our TIG and the potential technology transfer which will occur through the active networking of members. At present about 70% of the members have Email and Internet access to the website, however, hopefully this number will increase during 1998. There are TIG members representing over 35 countries and this should offer everyone a great opportunity to gain a broad global perspective with regard to the topic of Reservoir Characterization (RC). RC is a key to understanding and unlocking the full reserves potential of each field wherever it might be in its life cycle. This subject is multi-disciplinary and hopefully there will be broad involvement from the geoscience community since their input provides the framework for the RC process. 


    I would encourage each of you, if you are not currently, to start using the bulletin board to post your ideas and responses to others issues/problems. Just click on the Discussion Group icon on this website to access the Reservoir Characterization message board. To enter the discussion group just provide your SPE member number as your User Name and a password of your choice. That is all that is required! 

    I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on our RC TIG and look forward to hearing from any members who would like to offer their services as a member of the TIG committee. You can contact me by phone at 915-686-6558 or send a fax at 915-686-6586. Alternatively, send me an Email at my address, ROBERT.LEIBRECHT@usa.conoco.com. Hope to hear from you soon. 

    The success of our TIG is directly dependent on everyones' involvement so lets take the lead! 


    Bob Leibrecht
    Reservoir Characterization TIG Chairman